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The significators are used to determine the time of the event. One should find out all possible significators of the houses corresponding to the question and then find out the fruitful significators that are used to time the event.

The significators of the cusps are classified as (The order is from strongest to weakest):

        PCO: Planets in the constellation of the occupant (PCO are the strongest significators)

         OCC: Occupants 

        PCBL: Planets in the constellation of the Bhava Lord

        BL: Bhava Lord

        ASP: Planets conjoined or aspected by the planets of PCO, OCC, PCBL, BL.

NOTE: The strength of this planet is proportional to the strength of the planet with whom it is connected.

NOTE 1: Aspects (Conjunction) are generally seen from sign to sign. But specifically to be seen within the ORB (+ or - 8 degrees). A planet within + or 2 degrees is called in RAPT conjunction or aspect.

        The nodes Rahu and Ketu: Ra and Ke becomes the representatives of significators when they are connected with any of the 4 fold significators (PCO, OCC, PCBL, BL) in the following order of strength:

l   Conjunction

l   Aspected by the significators

l   Occupied in the star of the significators

l        Occupied in the sign of the significators

NOTE: Conj and Aspect are from sign to sign.

        The Cuspal sub lord of certain Bhava qualifies itself as a significator of that Bhava in the absence of planets in its stars even if sub lord negates the Bhava.


For example, to find out the significators of marriage, find out the significators of the cusps 2, 7 and 11.


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