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The correct, valid and clear question is one of the key in the analysis and prediction of KP Horary astrology. The astrologer relates the prime cusp, associated cusps and important planets to the question and then analyzes to make the prediction.  So, the question must be understood correctly.


The question should not be improper: After analysis, the result should not create more trouble to the person.


The question should be clear :The question should be clearly understood. For example, the question cannot be like: “Will I win the race one day?”. Instead it should be like: “Shall I win the lottery for the ticket I bought today?”


Single question:Normally, the querent comes with several questions in a sequence. The astrologer should avoid this and use one question with single answer.


How to choose main and associated cusps for analysis depending on the question from the querent.



Some examples of questions:

  • When shall I be cured from Ankle fracture?
  • Is the absent person alive?
  • Is this investment XYZ profitable?
  • When shall I get my first salary?
  • Shall I get the job for which I had the interview?
  • Will this new job good (financial and work satisfaction)?
  • Will I get promotion in my current job and when?
  • Will get the rank “Mension Bien” in my final year examination?
  • Is the news I got correct?
  • Shall I be able to buy a property in 2009?
  • Shall I be able to sell my apartment?
  • Shall I succeed in the competition examination for administrative services?
  • When is the delivery of baby?
  • Shall I get admission into medical school?
  • When will I receive the parcel sent by my friend?
  • When will my tenant vacate?
  • Shall the surgical operation successful?
    Will I get promotion this year in my Job?
  • When is my retirement?
  • Shall I go abroad for job?
  • Shall I get French (applied today)?
  • Will Mr.X wiln the election?
  • When will the guest arrive (expecting during this week)?
  • Court appeal successful or not?
  • Is Politics good for me?
  • Will Mr ABC become famous actor?
  • When can have a car?
  • Will I get admission into the university?
  • Will I be able to recover the theft objects?
  • Any studies opportunity inFrance?
  • Will I have satisfactory spiritual life?

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