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Is Matter Promised?

The planet is the source; the star lord is the indicator of the nature of the event and the sub lord is the deciding factor. Hence one should analyse the sub lord to see if the matter is promised or not.

The question asked by the querent is converted into an event (For more details see the documentation of the software “KP Horaray Astrology” by AstroOpenSource ( that is associated with primary (for example 7 th cusp for marriage) and associated cusps (2, 7, 11 for marriage).

The matter is promised satisfies the following conditions:


  • The concerned Cuspal sub lord or its star lord or its sub lord is not retrograde.  (Note: This is still a disputed rule and several versions of this are: (a) The retrograde state of a planet has no effect as retrograde is not really retrograde and it is only a virtual effect, (b) The retrograde planet (Cuspal sub lord) if deposited in the star of a planet in direct motion, the event will materialize after some obstacles and delay, (c) the planet (Cuspal sub lord) failed to offer the result when it is in a sub of a retrograde planet.
  • The primary Cuspal sub lord is the significators of any one of the required houses (For example, 2, 7, 11 for marriage). 

The matter is not promised if:

  • Both star lord and sub lord of the primary Cuspal sub lord are connected to the negative houses (For example, 6, 10, 12 for marriage).

Verify also if Lagna Cuspal sub lord (success in one’s effort) and 11 th Cuspal sub lord (fulfillment of desire) signifies the houses related the question. This is a supportive indicator for the materialization of the query.


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